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My Scars Are Beautiful® has partnered with Charlow Therapy Services to assist financially for low-income individuals. Pro-bono assistance may also be available​. Finanical reimbursement provided if seeking a different provider. 

My Scars Are Beautiful offers financial assistance for:

Depression and Anxiety

Trauma and Abuse

Stress Management and Coping Strategies

Sexual Abuse

Self-Injurious and Other Compulsive Behaviors

Self-esteem and Empowerment



Life Transitions

Grief and Loss

Domestic Abuse


Bully-Related Issues

Suicidal Ideation
Childhood and Adolescent Trauma and Abuse

Scars of Survival Group Therapy

My Scars Are Beautiful has partnered with clinical psychologist Dr. David Brownstein, PSY.D. to form Scars of Survival. Scars of Survival is a group psychotherapy experience for men and women with physical and emotional scars.

The therapy group will provide skills, support, and information to help improve the many aspects of life affected by burns and other injuries. The group will focus on improving quality of life by better managing symptoms of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, body image, chronic pain, and grief/loss. Scars of Survival is a 12 session group. This is a closed therapy group, which means new members must wait until a new 12 week group sessions begins in order to join. A closed group offers enhanced emotional safety for group members to work on their trauma and other symptoms.

Burn Survivors Support Group

Join UMC and My Scars Are Beautiful for Burn Survivor Support Group held every first Thurs of the month at UMC Hospital at 5pm on the third floor inside the Burn Conference room. 

Route 91 Counseling

Free counseling is available for anyone affected from the Las Vegas Route 91 concert. #VegasStronger

For more information about any of these programs please contact us.

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